Yes, this is where you get THOSE stickers!

We've all seen the little oval decals displaying 140.6 or 26.2, right?  It's the graphic equivalent of a secret handshake, letting other like-minded folks know that you're part of the triathlon or marathon club.  Well, if it's good enough for runners, it should be good enough for gunners!

Those who should get it, like shooting enthusiasts & self-reliant home defenders, will.  Those who shouldn't, like anti-gunners & 2A haters, won't.  And what better way to show your support and enthusiasm for America's Rifle, the AR-15, than by proudly displaying a sticker heralding it's most often chambered round?

Finally, if your style is more, “In your face, gun grabbers!”, what better way to trigger (pun fully intended) those snowflakes than to proudly display an image of their most hated weapon, the AR-15.

All of our stickers measure 5" x 3", sell for $4/ea. or $10/3, and will ship on receipt of payment.  So Fly the Flag! by sticking them on your car, your range bag or your rifle case and let people just like you know just where you stand!

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Fly the Flag!
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And if we’re going to advocate flying the flag, why not give our supporters a way to literally Fly the Flag!  So whether you’re inclined to choose the current version of the Stars and Stripes, or if your values align more with the Founding Fathers and the flag of the Original 13 Colonies, has you covered.